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Darning Needles - Set 10 - Prym

Yarns On Pakington

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  •  For finer and coarser darning tasks
  •  Short and long darning needles
  •  Tapered tip
  •  Made of hardened steel

The range of darning needles made of hardened steel offers short needles for the darning of wool garments and socks, as well as long needles for finer darning tasks. The needles have the typical tapered shape of a hand sewing needle, but are a lot bigger in size and therefore have a proportionately adjusted larger eye. This also allows the threading of sturdier yarns and wool. The surface of the darning needles is burr-free and rust resistant. It ensures that the needle can easily glide through the material. Prym has long and short darning needles in two sorted sets with 6 or 10 high quality needles.