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Knitted Animal Toys - Louise Crowther

Yarns On Pakington

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25 Knitting Patterns for Adorable Animal Dolls

"Knit adorable animal toys with this curated collection from bestselling author Louise Crowther.

Create beautiful gifts for friends and family with knitting patterns for all of Louise's cute and characterful animal friends, brought together in a charming 'au-naturel' compliation for the first time.

There are 25 animals to knit with full step-by-step instructions, including an exclusive pattern for Ella the Unicorn, which has not featured in any of Louise's previous books.

Enjoy choosing your favourites - whether it's wild animals like Olivia the Elephant or Hugo the Zebra, or domestic pets like Bella the Cat or George the Dog - and knit cute stuffed animals that will delight all who see the."