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Stitcher's GPS by Yarn Valet.

Yarns On Pakington

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If you have ever lost your place on your pattern (and who hasn't?!) you will understand the Stitcher's GPS™.  It is a set of specially designed, heavy-duty highlighter tape strips, created to help you never get lost again.  Just peel and stick to pattern, it can easily be moved and reused over and over again. Patent Pending. 
2 sheets of GPS strips: 1 see-through pink sheet, 1 opaque yellow sheet
4 unique tape strips:
       Solid strip is for marking a line in a pattern 
       Ruler strip is for patterns where you want to check the gauge while stitching.
       Open window strip is for highlighting a specific line of a pattern (pink only)
       Solid line strip is for patterns with charts
       Two fun extras include check marks and dots!!