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Tuesday & Wednesday - 9am-5pm
Thursday & Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday - 9am-1pm
Sunday - Closed
All public holidays - Closed


Everybody who contacts us will feel that they have the ability to let their creative side sing. At Yarns on Pakington
we work hard to match your skills with the best possible yarns, tools
and patterns so you can produce an item you can be proud of because
we’ll be proud of you too.
I’ve been a knitter and crocheter and hand
spinner for decades, and I’m constantly learning new techniques and
refining my skills. I cannot wait to share the feeling of accomplishment
when you’ve finished your project.
I love talking about yarns,
reading pattern books, and practicing new techniques. At the shop on
Pakington street you’ll see finished projects, works in progress, and
lots of inspiration.
Come prepared to knit or crochet at our work
table and meet other crafty people to chat. Book in to join classes on
various subjects related to knitting or crochet. Or just come to browse
our beautiful yarns and spectacular selection of needles and

What We Stock

High Quality Needle and Hook brands; Clover, Chiaogoo, Knit Pro, Tulip, Addi, and more!

Handcraft accessories; stitch markers, needle and tension gauges, yarn winders, bags, point protectors, yarn needles, and more!

Wide range of yarns ; 100% wool and cotton, silk, alpaca, cotton and wool blends, acrylic, possum.

Rovings and tops for spinning and needle felting. Animal and non-animal fibres are available.

Sashiko cottons, templates, books, swatch materials and Tulip Sashiko needles.

Classes and Community

Crafting is the act of working with your hands and brain, which many people say brings about a calmness almost a meditative state taking away the stresses of the world and giving purpose to their free time. Crafting together works to bridge
across cultural, educational and economic barriers so that everyone at
the table has a voice and something to share. Yarns on Pakington
offers craft mornings/evenings for knitting/crochet or other craft
enjoyment and classes to improve skills, learn a new method or work on a
specific project. Stay tuned for further details on classes and general
craft activities.