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Knitting Loom - Prym

Yarns On Pakington

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  •  Oval knitting ring, specially designed for socks, cuffs, and wristlets
  •  Made of robust plastic and stainless steel
  •  Easy to use, even for beginners
  •  Includes cast-off needle with soft handle and instructions

The knitting loom is a patented invention by Prym for easily making socks, cuffs, or wristlets. Even users with no knowledge of knitting can create socks with a perfect stitch structure using this oval knitting ring. Sequential numbering and markings for the right and left stockings ensure easy sock creation. Prym offers the knitting loom in sizes S (suitable for shoe sizes 20-31), M (shoe sizes 32-38), and L (shoe sizes 39-46). Since no additional tools are required apart from wool, scissors, and a knitting hook, the knitting loom is a compact companion for mobile handicraft. Enclosed are a cast-off needle with soft handle and instructions that precisely and vividly explain the various application steps to a finished sock.