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Accessories - Knitting Machines - Addi Express

Yarns On Pakington

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We have one in store if you wish to try before you buy, the item requires a 50% deposit to be ordered in. Time frames will be discussed upon purchase.


Knitting is super easy and comfortable with the addiExpress. Quickly knit flat or round - just turn the handle! Even beginners will be proud of their work within minutes: scarves, patchwork pullovers and vests, gauntlets for arms and legs, small items. The addiExpress has a practical needle holder and an improved row counter.

Please find our books with knitting instructions in several languages under "Books" (click)

In our YouTube channel "addinadeln" we collect videos from addiExpress fans worldwide.

Knitting properties: 22 needles, suitable for yarns 4-8, circular knitting ø ca.10 bis 15 cm, flat kntting ca. 15 bis 20 cm.