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Knitting Machines - Addi Express Kingsize

Yarns On Pakington

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We have one in store if you wish to try before you buy, the item requires a 50% deposit to be ordered in. Time frames will be discussed upon purchase.

Even more possibilities, even larger knitted pieces, even more knitting fun! That is what you get with the addiExpress Kingsize. With its larger diameter, you can create even more personalised knitted pieces with a few turns of the hand.

Includes: 46 needles, needle holder, decrease needle, 5 replacement needles, 4 basefeet, 2 screw hooks for stable table mounting, row counter.

Knitting Properties: suitable for yarn count 4-8, circular knitting: approx. 10 to 15 diameter, flat knitting: approx 45 cm wide