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Best in show - Knit your own cat - Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne

Yarns On Pakington

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You can now knit your precious pet, reproduce your favourite breed or even knit the cat you have always wanted. The designs are surprisingly easy to make. It will only take a few evenings to create a companion for life. Idiosyncratic descriptions of the various breeds accompany gorgeous photography, making this book irresistible for both keen knitters and devoted cat-lovers. Four chapters: Long-haired, Short-haired, Exotic and Street. With 16 different breeds to choose from including: • Persian • Maine Coon • British Shorthair • Devon Rex • Burmese • Abyssinian • Tabby • And more! Approximate height 11 cm.


Hardcover, 144p, Collins & Brown, 2011