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Demystifying Double-Knitting - Nathan Taylor

Yarns On Pakington

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"In its simplest form, double-knitting is a form of colourwork that creates a two-layered, two-sided fabric, without an unattractive or float-ridden 'wrong side'. Both sides look equally beautiful, which makes many knitters think it must be far more complicated than it actually is.

Demystifying Double-Knitting takes the mystery out of the process with step-by-step explanations of the key techniques, illustrated with detailed photographs. Once the fundamentals are mastered, you can then learn to move beyond basic stocking-stitch DK and introduce texture, shaping and even non-mirrored designs to your work. Whether you're new to the technique or simply want to understand it better, this book provides an accessible introduction to double-knitting and a celebration of the creative opportunities it offers."