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Prym - Chart Keepers

Yarns On Pakington

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  •  Makes it easy to read counting patterns when knitting or crocheting
  •  Made of flexible plastic
  •  Prevents slipping on the work template
  •  Can also be used as a bookmark

Whether it's knitting, crocheting, or embroidering: Prym's pattern markers will ensure that everyone can effortlessly keep track of things for any embroidering, knitting, or crocheting pattern. As soon as the stencil is inserted into the template sheet like an overgrown paper clip, no slips will occur in the work template row that is being worked on. This makes it unnecessary to painstakingly and laboriously count patterns and stitches. This plum-blue pattern marker made of flexible plastic can be used as both a ruler and a window. Its lateral handle on the side lets you effortlessly move the stencil on the template.