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Prym - Yarn guide Thimble

Yarns On Pakington

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  •  Perfect thread guidance during knitting
  •  For Norwegian patterns and other multi-coloured patterns
  •  Comfortable hold on sleek and sturdy fingers
  •  4 different metal eyelets for threading the yarn

Prym's knitting thimble, made of high-quality and plum-blue plastic, is ideal for knitting multi-coloured patterns of up to four colours. Thanks to the eyelets on the top part of the thimbles, up to four wool threads can gently slide onto the knitting pin without knotting. Even complicated Norwegian patterns and all sorts of multi-coloured patterns can be perfectly and easily achieved. A lateral slit in the thimble provides a comfortable fit and firmness on both skinny and sturdy fingers. The latch over the eyelet can be opened very easily to change the colour order when knitting.