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R.E.D. Book - Rescue Endangered by Design - Hard cover book

Yarns On Pakington

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We have a copy in store if you wish to have a look before purchasing, this stunning book would make a beautiful addition to any knitters library.

A knitting book to raise awareness of endangered animals worldwide
17 animals
7 continents
33 hand knitted jumpers made by
7 designers
1.000.000 of knitters to knit and tell the story, but only

An international group of designers have created clever designs for the young child, for teenagers and adults, inspired by endangered animals. We have chosen species from every corner of the world and told their story.

These designs will hopefully open our hearts and minds to understand the plight of the endangered species and make clear, what we can do to help.

320 pages beautiful hardcover book. 33 patterns to create your own jumpers.

10 $ from every book sold has since release been donated for animal conservation.